Winter Meetings

The venue for most meetings is the Hersham Community Trust Hall, Burhill Road, Hersham, KT12 4BJ (opposite Piglets Nursery, where there is parking).

Friday, February 21st, Cobham Village Hall

Varroa tolerance – Joint meeting with Guildford Division
Jonathan Brookhouse will tell us about his ‘Varroa-tolerant bees’

Marion Cooper will put another slant on this apparent tolerance.

The presentations will be followed by discussion for all present.

Wednesday, March 18th, Hersham Community Trust Hall

Queen failure. Roger Patterson, who first reported this in 2000-2001, will tell us about this phenomenon and present some theories on the cause(s).

Tuesday, April 7th, Hersham Community Trust Hall

Nosema Clinic. Usual details to follow.

Summer Meetings

The plan this year is to follow a similar programme to last year with three meetings being targeted at beginners, i.e. those who have completed their beekeeping courses in the last two or three years – but open to all members, and two further meetings for everyone.

To that end the first two dates for April and May have now been confirmed – so great if you can block them out in your diaries. Both will start at 2.30pm.

I am also through the newsletter putting a call out on two fronts. The first is to ask for one or two new apiaries, so do you have two or three hives and would you be willing to host a meeting? Then let’s chat and let’s see how practical it would be.

Last year we had a great time by The Thames and this year we will go back again to Aslam’s amazing garden.

But we are always keen to see new bees. Other people can help run the day with you so no worries there. Secondly, are there any topics you feel it would be good to cover at the July meeting? Again all suggestions welcome. Please get in touch at

HostsDateTarget AudienceTopicDetails
Michael Main26th AprilBeginnersStart of the SeasonShook Swarm, Bailey Comb Change
Aslam Aziz16th MayAll BeginnersPreparing for the flow and taking honey offStewart Westsmith, Seasonal Bee Inspector, takes us through an inspection
To be confirmedJuneBeginnersPreparing for the flow and taking honey offTypes of super, how many, clearing methods and clearer types
To be confirmedJulyAll members
David Parker or otherSeptemberBeginnersPreparing for WinterA detailed look at preparing and feeding bees for winter

Taster Days

There are two taster days planned each August. Exact dates to be advised. More information can be found on these days here.

WBK Annual General Meeting

The WBK AGM is held every year in November. The exact date will be announced each October.

Surrey BKA Annual General Meeting

The annual Surrey BKA AGM is held in December each year.  Full details can be found on the SBKA website here

A full list of events being held throughout the Surrey Beekeeping area can be found here:

Under 18s at Events

WBK welcomes the attendance of under 18s at our events but due to child protection requirements WBK requires that either a guardian or parent attend.  If a child is attending an event without their parent or legal guardian, but with another guardian (e.g friend of family) WBK requires a letter from the legal guardians/parents confirming that the other party is acting as the guardian of the child at the WBK event.

Photography and Video taking at WBK Events

Please note that photographs and footage may be taken throughout Weybridge Beekeepers apiary, winter and other meetings. These may be used by Weybridge Beekeepers and Surrey Beekeepers Association for marketing and publicity in their publications, on their websites and in social media or in any third party publication. Please contact: if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempted from this activity.

Your rights
Should you see an image containing a picture of yourself on either website then you have the right to request Weybridge Beekeepers or Surrey Beekeepers Association to stop using your image at any time, in which case it will not be used in future publications but may continue to appear in publications already in circulation. If you wish to exercise this right please write to: