The Weybridge Division has a Divisional Apiary at Rowtown.  Members are allowed to put bees there subject to the Apiary Rules and adhering to the Apiary Manager’s instructions.  Space is limited to around a maximum of 25 hives and thus new hives are placed subject to available space.

Fees for placing hives will be advised on application by a member to place bees there.  If you would like to apply to have hives placed at Rowtown please in the first instance contact


  • All bees placed at the apiary will be required to be inspected for foul brood diseases by the Apiary Manager prior to placement.
  • All bees placed on the apiary will undergo Varroa treatment by the prescribed Apiary Manager’s schedule and using the preferred treatment method at that time.
  • The cost of the Varroa treatment is covered within the member’s apiary fee.
  • No polystyrene hives or nucleus boxes are allowed.