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Bees, pesticides and the future of farming by Prof. Dave Goulson
22 Dec 2017 The bees that have to deal with a cunning honey thief
14 Dec 2017 – Neonicotinoids at ‘chronic levels’ in UK rivers, study finds
Dec ’17
​Young beekeepers – the new generation bringing back British bees
Asian Hornet – another warning
Have a look at the following video:

How you might have sold your bees in the past (if you were in Holland)
Do watch this delightful video of skep beekeeping:

Creating a buzz: Using bees to pull people out of poverty
An interesting article will be found on the BBC website by clicking on:

The Case Against Honeybees

A Guinness Book of Records wasp nest?
Do have a look at these remarkable pictures, especially the four and a half foot long entrance tunnel that the wasps have built to the huge nest.

Why you should ditch sugar for honey
Click on the following for ideas on this topic. This article does not add much, but it is interesting to read.

At last: the real use for varroa
This is clearly shown on the following:
(Note: to read the full caption, you may need to click on the picture raised from the website)

Strongest evidence yet that neonicotinoids are killing bees

The Great British Bee Count

Bees with Backpacks: Keeping the Hive Alive

Colony Loss 2016-2017: Preliminary Results

Data Analysis on Bee Decline and a Nice competition for Beekeepers to enter

Bees for Pest Control

Bee Wrapt™ Beeswax Infused Reusable Foodwrap
The following gives information on the above product:

Beeswax to relieve insomnia?
For the full article see:

The ‘Small Hive’ project
This is basically an idea for a ‘small hive’ which is intended to be managed with minimum input.

Bees ‘go online’ in Manchester

The most extensive field study to date on neonicotinoid pesticides
This study concludes that neonicotinoid pesticides harm both honey bees and wild bees.
The study spanned 2,000 hectares across the UK, Germany and Hungary and was set up to establish the “real-world” impacts of the pesticides.

What I learn from bees

Bee stealing

Pesticides reduce queen development

A possible solution to the plastic waste problem
It has been found accidentally that Greater Wax Moth larvae (the ones sometimes present in hives) appear to have the ability to break down plastic. For more details, click on these websites: and

Life of a bee in one minute – egg to adult
Here is a link to a talk about bees – but in the middle is a 60-second clip showing the first 21 days of a bees’ life – amazing photography.