Honeycomb has been called the ‘Rolls Royce’ of honey; it is honey as the bees intended. It is totally unprocessed and some say therefore the healthiest form of honey. As the bees made the honey in the bee hive it is sold to the customer. The picture above shows a full frame of honey taken from a hive.  As the honey is totally natural it contains all the trace elements that naturally occur in honey with nothing filtered out.  It is sold in several ways:

Cut comb:

Ross Round:

Honey Section/Square:

Not every place that sells Local Honey will sell honey comb. However you may be able to request it from the shop and the Beekeeper will arrange for it to be delivered to the retailer.

If you ever wondered why bees make honeycomb in a hexagonal shape, it is one of the most efficient uses of beeswax. This is important as it takes 8lb/8kg of honey to make 1lb/1kg of beeswax. Thus being efficient is important to bees. However Dr Vince Gallo, a Reigate Beekeeping Association member has recently completed research that demonstrates bees make it hexagonal during a process that sees them start as round and then end up with pushing against each other. Read the research here.