The decline in honey bees and beekeeping is well documented in the UK; within the past one hundred years there has  been around a 75% decrease in the number of bee hives. There are an estimated 274,000 honey bee hives in the UK; the majority of these hives are kept by approximately 44,000 amateur keepers.

However, with the average age of a beekeeper being  66, there is an urgent need to train new beekeepers.  Weybridge Beekeepers does not currently have  a permanent base for its activities, hiring local halls for lectures and having teaching apiaries at a number of schools and other sites.

Some other Surrey BKA divisions have created their own facilities/club house and this has proven to be a great way to drive membership and engagement.  Due to a small five-figure legacy there is a new impetus for Weybridge Beekeepers to re-investigate possibilities.

WBK is thus keen to develop an education centre and a teaching apiary to help train newcomers in the craft of beekeeping and be of educational benefit to the wider community.  We would also look to hold our Bee Training courses at this venue.

In addition to the legacy WBK has received grants from:

  • Elmbridge Borough Council Annual Grant £2,000
  • Johnson Wax Charitable Trust £8,000
  • Waitrose Community Matters

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