The BBKA runs a number of practical assessments, although most involve some element of academic assessment as well. The first level is the Junior and Basic Assessment. After these there are the following with further details on the BBKA website

General Husbandry Certificate
Have you been beekeeping for 5 years and passed your Basic Assessment? Then this is the next practical step

Advanced Husbandry Certificate
So, you have the General Certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry and want to pass on your knowledge

Microscopy Certificate
Never has bee health and disease diagnosis been more important.

This assessment provides a qualification and measure of achievement for those beekeepers with an interest in pollen, anatomy, and diseases relevant to the honey bee.

Show Judge Certificate
Take your experience in showing honey and honey products to the next level. In order to commence the assessment you must meet a number of entry requirements and hold the Basic Certificate.

Honey Bee Breeding
A practical assessment to promote the skills required to improve stocks of local bees.

Honey Bee Health
A practical assessment suitable for members who wish to advance beyond their Basic Assessment.