Generally honey bees should only be removed between March and September/early October, but in an emergency they can be accessed at other times. If you have bees in a hollow tree that is being felled or has fallen down, it is best to contact the swarm coordinator by email and they can discuss your situation and then put you in touch with someone who may be able to assist.   We can only assist with bees that are in trees that have either been felled, or at a height that is easily accessible; we do not fell trees.

Taking bees from a tree is a complicated and time-consuming activity generally taking at least two beekeepers 2 – 3 hours and involving chain saws and other equipment.  Because of this we ask the site/tree owner to make a suggested voluntary donation to Weybridge Beekeepers of between £100 – £150 for the work. 

Here is a video of bees being removed from a tree to give you an indication of what is involved.