New Hoover Swarm Collector In Action

Adjacent is a photo of Michael Main using the Division’s new ‘Bee Hoover’ on May 1st to remove a swarm.  The swarm was in a position where, without a very large ‘A’ frame ladder, it could not have been caught.  The hoover, designed by Arran Taylor and purchased by the Division, proved its worth on the first outing.  It will be kept by Michael and is available to members to get to either awkward swarms or those at locations, e.g. schools, where complete removal on one visit is necessary.

I am also pleased to say the resident was happy and a swarm letter was handed over that resulted in the Facebook post ( also on p. 11).   Please do carry and hand out the swarm letters when you pick up swarms.

Congratulations to Arran, David Parker and Michael for their excellent work. in designing and constructing this useful piece of apparatus – an accident-prevention device that doesn’t need a ladder.