Asian Hornet update September 2020

The beginning of this month produced the first Asian Hornet to be found this year. It was spotted in Gosport by a member of the public in his conservatory, it was then identified by a local beekeeper and confirmed by the lab on Tuesday 8th September. The small, football sized nest was found by the NBU on Thursday and it was destroyed on Friday 11th. It took a small team of inspectors to track it down (they were using Suterra bait to monitor flight directions and visit frequencies). We can safely say that from start to finish, the successful outcome was pretty fast and a great example of how the system works. Well done NBU and all concerned!

This is also a sharp reminder for us all to stay vigilant and wherever we can, inform the public about this threat so that there are more eyes open.
Another example of the system working well was that on the 14th September. I received a call from the regional inspectorate to help to identify a possible AH sighting by a member of the APHA Vet team who thought she spotted an Asian hornet in the Heather Garden at Great Windsor Park. I immediately passed this on to the AHAT team lead of Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead BKA and the following day the area was searched and traps were set in the garden and around also using Suterra bait. Traps were also set up in a nearby apiary.

The traps have been monitored now for two weeks and only European hornets and a few wasps have been caught or seen. So hopefully, another mistaken sighting.

So, to conclude, all well so far… although let’s not become complacent.
To illustrate our situation, I’d like to quote an old Arab saying – “Man makes many plans, but what actually happens is God’s will…and don’t forget to tie up your camel!”

Jonathan Brookhouse

Thanks to Jonathan for keeping us up to date.

Annual General Meeting of the Surrey Beekeepers Association Saturday December 5th

The annual General Meeting of the Surrey Beekeepers Association will be held on Saturday, December 5th

142ND ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Saturday 5 December 2020

Hosted by Guildford Beekeepers Association

Due to the present COVID19 epidemic the AGM will be held virtually.

Here is the Zoom link


2.00pm AGM

3.00pm Francesca Mahoney of the charity “Wild Survivors” will present a talk “Bees and Elephants” 4.00pm Close of meeting

We have heard a previous Bees and Elephants talk by Francesca, so can strongly recommend it to you