Exhibitors listed in alphabetical order. Please let me know of any errors or omissions.

Geoff Cooper

1st One unusual container of liquid honey

Note the container was a gift from Arran Taylor, so credit to him as well!

Marion Cooper

2nd Six small honey biscuits

2nd Limerick about bees or beekeeping (see below)

Andrew Halstead

1st Two jars naturally set or soft set honey (National class)

2nd Two jars naturally set or soft set honey (Surrey class)

2nd One jar naturally crystallised honey (Surrey gift class)

VHC Two jars liquid honey (Surrey class)

Dr Mark Hamilton

1st Two jars medium honey (Surrey class)

2nd One jar light / medium honey (Surrey gift class)

HC Two jars liquid honey (Surrey class)

David Parker

1st Two jars dark honey (Surrey class)

1st Frame suitable for extraction (Surrey class)

3rd Two jars naturally set or soft set honey (Surrey class)

HC Six small honey biscuits

Marion’s limerick Class: 106 Entry no: 10.

2nd prize

A beekeeper bottled his honey
Which he hoped would raise him some money But the yeasts did their worst
So the jars they all burst
And the poor man did not think it funny

The ‘fermentation’ was achieved by stirring bicarbonate of soda into honey and Geoff smashed the jar with a log-splitting wedge. All good fun.

Other successes achieved by our Chairman

It should be reported that our Chairman, Andrew Halstead, achieved successes – again – at two other local Shows in September. Here is his reply to my enquiry:

‘At the Chobham Agricultural and Horticultural Show I repeated my ”success” by having a first in the classes for two jars of set honey and two jars of medium or dark runny honey. The quote marks around success are because my honey was the only entry in those classes at the West End and Windlesham show.

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